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Is The Legal Landscape About to Change?

Following the recent high profile legal case awarding compensation to two homeowners for Japanese Knotweed infestation from third party property the ruling has the potential to change the legal landscape in relation to the spread of Japanese Knotweed. It will force landowners to control and remediate potential spread.

This landmark court ruling against Network Rail should alert all owners of public land. This is being seen as a test case and no doubt the judgement will be under review.

Our national trade body, the Property Care Association which represent us and other professionals in the invasive weed control industry says it is likely to have major implications throughout the UK.

It could encourage more homeowners to take similar action and other large landowners need to be aware of the potential problems.

Homeowners living adjacent to tracts of public land for example, local authorities, rail operators and many more could now be emboldened to take similar action so this puts the onus on landowners to control and remediate any issues particularly near to houses and buildings as soon as the issue comes to light.

As members of the Property Care Association we believe it is important to appoint competent professionals who can assess the situation, advise and offer an appropriate treatment management plan and are capable of delivering corrective works under recognised guarantee.


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