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7 Facts About Knotweed in the UK That Will Terrify You!

Picture this- You are taking a stroll down your garden and see random weed growing by the fence. You choose to ignore it. A week later, you are sipping your coffee while strolling down your lawn again, and see that one of your much loved daffodils is all covered with a weed and is about to die. Feels horrendous, right? Well, even before you could think, your property has been evaded by Knotweed; and, it’s time you take some serious action before the situation totally gets out of control. In this blog, we bring to you the 7 most terrifying facts about knotweed in the UK-

    1. During summer, these knotweeds can grow as much as 10 cm every day.

    2. Japanese knotweed can grow through tarmac, walls and concrete. It firstly finds a weak spot and then exploits it further to get an entry. It can easily damage the structure of the property and hence reduce its value.

    3. Victorians brought Japanese knotweed in the UK to line railway tracks. Obviously, they didn’t know the destructive qualities of the plant back then. You will still see these lines beside railways tracks in the country.

    4. There are no natural enemies of the weed in this country unlike in the Asian subcontinent, where there are fungi and insects to restrict the growth.

    5. It is seen that mortgage lenders refuse to extend any credit if the property is affected with these knotweeds.

    6. Japanese knotweed is regarded as one of the 100 most invasive species of the world.

    7. It is against the law to dispose knotweed incorrectly. Any uncontrolled disposal will only lead to its further growth in that particular area.

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