Japanese Knotweed Removal London, Birmingham

The know-How Of Japanese Knotweed Eradication

A Japanese knotweed is one of the most invasive weeds of today.  Having originated in Eastern Asia, - there is no such control outside Asia though. Therefore,Japanese knotweed eradication becomes even more eminent in parts of the UK.


Seasonal identification

  • • In spring, the weeds’ new shoots will emerge in red or purple color. They grow very fast and by the time you identify the weed it’s too late to extract them.
  • • In winters the stem of the plant turns dark brown or red in color. Shoots hibernate and wait for the next favorable season to emerge.


If you have found Japanese knotweed within your property premises, then it’s time for eradication. There are a lot of experts available who specialize in Japanese Knotweed eradication. They offer several solutions to completely eradicate the weed. It can be done through chemicals wherein they can be applied on to the targeted weed. A mechanical procedure can also be used where the weed is excavated and disposed of at a landfill. Resulting material from digging must be classified as controlled waste. Such waste must be thrown to a specialist landfill site usually at an elevated cost to that of waste which is otherwise un-contaminated by knotweed.


The Japanese knotweed not only hampers the garden, but it also damages the walls, property, construction sites and even rivers. If you are looking for someone for Japanese knotweed eradication, look nowhere else. Get in touch with Invasive Vegetation Management & Treatment Ltd. It has the specialization to treat and eradicate Japanese weeds. If you are in London or in Birmingham and are in search of a specialist contact us and we shall be happy to serve you in the best possible manner.